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Team Nina Clare and Dave

Senior Vice Presidents/Executive Brokers

We invite you to call on our Quality Service Providers when you need a good resource

for many services!


Simon Martinez:          479-320-7921

Rodden Landscapers:  479-271-0867


General Contractors:

Julio Molano:               479-544-1468     betterremodeling@outlook.com


Custom Builders:

Heart of Home Builders - Steve Bloxham:  479-619-7260

Erica and Body Bell:   479-696-8133     erica.bell@meridianconstruction.com

John Overton:  479-531-6462



David Platz     479-366-7989


House Cleaners:

Stephanie Neckels   616-828-8997


Carpet Cleaners:

Dehart Carpet Cleaning - Liz Dehart      479-636-4796     dehartcarpetcleaning@hotmail.com



Precise Plumbing - John Hayes - 479-531-0766



James Jackson   479-445-7471


Smoke Removal:

Bio Green Solutions - Larry    479-301-5955



Bonnie Williams   479-422-3531


Garage Doors:

Dave Solomon   479-381-3296


Backflow Testing:

Richard McCurty   479-866-0970



Somewhere in Time   479-619-6618


Structural Engineer:

Greg Bone   479-795-2010


Fence Staining/Handyman:

Craig Hopman   479-544-7282